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Community Pharmacy software
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Patient focused, easy to use and designed for patient engagement, Apotec CRM will help you build ever closer relationships with your patients.

Apotec CRM achieves full accreditation for the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in England.

5 reasons to choose Apotec CRM

1. Patient engagement

Apotec CRM will enable you to efficiently reach out to your patients through multiple channels, for example email and SMS messaging, with full audit trail.

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2. Patient insight

Apotec CRM will help you to get a holistic picture of your patients and will enable reporting based upon specific demographic and clinical markers for proactive patient engagement. A multi-outlet enterprise has access to a unique, single patient cross-organisational record.

3. Interoperability

We will break down connectivity barriers with other healthcare software and service providers with 2-way data sharing.

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4. Freedom

Service contracts with Apotec are simple and have short notice periods. We want you to stay with us because we are a valued servicer provider, not because you are locked into contract.

5. Care, support and low cost of ownership

We have installation, training and ongoing support covered and while we can offer guidance, you have full flexibility when it comes to hardware and broadband providers. This means low costs & maximum flexibility while maintaining a high standard of care for you.

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Our story

Everyone, at some point in their lives, will need to lean on the services offered by Community Pharmacy. Community Pharmacy is one of the most knowledgeable, skilled and accessible healthcare resources available to the public.

At Apotec, we believe that Community Pharmacy is a vital foundational element of primary care delivery and are committed to providing the best clinical software & service.

We have three main aims for Apotec CRM

We want to help you build more meaningful customer relationships, so we provide you with a comprehensive picture of your patients in support of proactive engagement.

We want to radically reduce your cost of system ownership by giving you total flexibility around your broadband supplier and your computer hardware.

We want to give you contractual freedom, so we won’t tie you into long and complex contracts.

We want to be your technology partner of choice

200 years experience

Backed by major Community Pharmacy stakeholders, Apotec has assembled a team with over 200 years combined experience in the Community Pharmacy software sphere.

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Maximise productivity

Built to replace current PMR systems, cloud based for adaptability & resilience, Apotec CRM will deliver an enhanced user experience, maximising productivity and opening doors to innovation.

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Supporting you

Apotec are committed to supporting Community Pharmacy through a flexible and supportive approach to customer set-up, onboarding and support.