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Designed to replace PMR systems, Apotec CRM is the first Customer Relationship Management software specifically designed for community pharmacies.
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It is typically possible to use your existing computers

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What you need to know

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Apotec CRM.

Apotec was founded by Ian Taylor in 2020 with the aim of taking Community Pharmacy software to the next level. Drawing upon the knowledge and skills of a highly experienced team, the focus is to deliver the next generation of Community Pharmacy software & services, leveraging new technologies and platforms that simply weren’t around when Ian co-founded Rx Systems back in 2004 (developing the ProScript system).

Apotec CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that has been designed to replace prescription centred legacy PMR systems.

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, is a technology that enables businesses to proactively manage their interactions with both existing and potential customers. In this context, Apotec CRM gives full visibility of all patient interactions across a pharmacy organisation. Additionally, the software enables accurate & fast prescription fulfilment, enhancing pharmacy-patient communication and the delivery of a broad range of Pharmacy services.

PMR systems focus on reactive prescription management whereas a CRM, delivered by Apotec, is focused on patient management, enabling proactive engagement to enhance loyalty and the increased uptake of Pharmacy services. Apotec CRM offers enhanced access to trustworthy, near-real-time data at local level and enterprise wide alike. It has been designed to enhance collaboration and productivity to free up time for proactive patient engagement, which is a necessity for Community Pharmacy, now and into the future.

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a software hosting model that permits secure access to a software across the internet. Apotec CRM is delivered as a SaaS, which offers a host of benefits over locally based software platforms.

SaaS offers several advantages over traditional software hosting models, such as performance, cost effectiveness, consistent software versioning, and data storage & security. The SaaS model also opens the possibility of more effective integration with other software services and secure remote access.

The Apotec team have designed Apotec CRM to be fast and intuitive. The software has been developed using the latest technologies to deliver high performance and optimise the user experience regardless of device type (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, tablet, smart device).

Apotec CRM is hosted on AWS’ infrastructure in the United Kingdom. AWS completed 2023 Cyber Essentials Plus certification and NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit assessment. A further layer of security, at local level, is provided by a security router specifically configured to only permit access to the relevant Apotec CRM customer location.

A third level of security is enshrined in Apotec CRM through comprehensive Role Based Access Control (RBAC) which manages front-end login and user-based software privileges.

Hosted on AWS, all Apotec CRM data is continuously saved and stored on AWS’ UK infrastructure. By definition you are the Data Controller, owner of the data stored in your instance of Apotec CRM, whereas Apotec act on your behalf, as the Data Processor, enabling and securely storing your data.

Apotec CRM has full rollout authority for the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in England. Apotec is also in discussions with NHS Wales to deliver EPS through Apotec CRM.

Drug Tariff amendments will take place every week with the main update ready for the first of each month. The Apotec database team have 24/7 management access and can apply real-time updates whenever required. All updates are immediate as an inherent benefit of the SaaS delivery model.

Yes, providing that existing computers meet Apotec CRM minimum requirements.

We will assess your hardware during the Apotec CRM pre-activation site survey, and providing your hardware is running MS Windows 10 as a minimum, you should be able to run Apotec CRM.

Apotec CRM is cloud based – a “Software as a Service” meaning higher resilience at local level because all outlet terminals are effectively ‘client’ computers. Where multiple terminals are in place, this delivery model renders expensive hardware maintenance irrelevant, with the emphasis being placed on stable and resilient internet connectivity, e.g., business broadband with 4G/5G backup connectivity, which has become widely available and relatively inexpensive.

Furthermore, Apotec CRM comes with an additional level of resilience in the form of a multi-network roaming-enabled SIM that provides connectivity for Apotec CRM in the event of a catastrophic customer internet router failure (no internet connection at all in the pharmacy, cabled or 4G/5G). These safeguards, coupled with AWS’ resilience, mean that the probability of an Apotec CRM outage is reduced to virtually nil.

Yes. Apotec CRM is hosted on AWS and is securely accessed through an Apotec configured security router which is provided at the point of activation. This means that you can source your own broadband, ideally with 4G/5G backup and/or other form(s) of resilience. Apotec can provide guidance on the provision of broadband through a partner organisation if required.

No. All Apotec CRM customers will receive our ‘Apotec Care’ package, a component of which is managed antivirus, provided for the first 5 MS Windows terminals at local level. Further MS Windows terminals, at local level (above 5), will each attract a small additional ongoing charge. This ensures that all MS Windows working terminals have antivirus protection.

Yes. Touchscreens are fully supported by Apotec CRM.

Apotec CRM supports a wide range of wholesalers for direct ordering, as well as several buying services, so it’s almost certain that your chosen partner(s) will be supported.

We want Apotec CRM to be the centre of your digital world. To fulfil this role Apotec has an open ethos when it comes to 3rd party software & service engagement. We have had this approach in mind from the outset which is reflected in our choice of hosting platform (AWS) and development technologies.

We have technical collaborations, supported with “Application Programming Interfaces” or “APIs”, with a number of organisations in various service fields including automation, collection point, eMAR and route optimisation.

Yes, through the ‘Apotec SMS’ service you can send SMS messages to patients (one-way) on a pay as you use basis, with a full audit trail in Apotec CRM. The Apotec team do not envisage the development of APIs with third party SMS providers. A likely medium-term development will be the option to move to a 2-way, audited SMS service through Apotec CRM.

As part of delivering a smooth transition to Apotec CRM, on-site training is provided on the day of activation ensuring that you can use the core, day-to-day, functions of Apotec CRM effectively.

Additionally, access to a searchable library of support and training content, including bite-sized ‘how-to’ videos, is available to Apotec CRM customers on a 24/7 basis.

Our helpdesk opening hours are 8:30am-6pm, Monday-Saturday.

Ordering Apotec CRM will be easy and fully paperless. We will soon be updating our website and our FAQs when Apotec CRM is available for order.

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Apotec CRM’s clinical & commercial foundation, it’s technology stack, and its hosting model meet the needs of today while being ready to support a wider clinical role for Community Pharmacy into the future.